ice rink


Ice rink

The origins of the word Rink is Scottish – meaning ‘course’, the word used as the name of a place where another game, curling, is played. The name has been retained for the construction of ice areas for figure skating.

The size of figure skating rinks is variable. The International Skating Union (ISU) prefers Olympic-sized rinks for figure skating competitions, particularly for major events i.e. the Olympics.

An Olympic-sized figure skating rink has dimensions of 60 metres (196 feet 10 inches) by 30 metres (98 feet 5 inches)

Ice quality

Ice quality is judged by smoothness, friction, hardness, and brittleness.

Factors affecting ice quality include temperature, water quality, and usage, with toe picks causing more deterioration.

For figure skating, the ice surface temperature is usually kept between −5.5 °C (22 °F) and −3.5 °C (26 °F), slightly warmer than an ice hockey rink, which means softer ice and easier landings for the figure skaters.

Planet Ice Solihull is open 7 days a week including bank holidays, and is home for all forms of ice disciplines including general public skating, figure skating, ice dancing, speed skating and ice hockey.


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