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Posture, Strength & Elegance

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Why is posture important in Ice Dance?

The purpose of correct body posture is balance. Posture and balance are uniquely important for ice skating because ice is slippery and ice skates are designed to take advantage of this slipperiness to glide forward and backward. Consequently the distribution of your weight over the skates has a significant effect on how the skates, and you, will move.

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Proper posture is crucial for the balance you need to glide smoothly, stroke vigorously, and attain great speed. It allows you to execute quick and agile direction changes, perform expressive and creative footwork and express yourself to music. Correct posture allows you to focus muscular forces and the forces created by motion on the correct part of the blade. Finally, proper posture allows you to use your muscles most efficiently, reducing unwanted motions that cause loss of control and balance on the ice.

Basic skating posture has two components. The first centres your body weight over the front half of the skate blade. The second controls the position of your body weight from side to side as well as body rotation. These positions are fundamental. The secret of successful, dynamic and safe ice dancing is to centre your body weight directly over the ice skate blade.

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Why is strength important in Ice Dance?

Strength is defined as the ability to produce or resist force. Off-ice training, in addition to improved posture and balance, is necessary for development of this strength. This is achieved through good muscle tone. Muscle tone gives the Ice Dancer maximum ability to lift high, a leg extension as well as stretch the free leg out, long and low whilst travelling at speed across the ice. Achieving dance moves which can be breathe taking.

The strength in your quadriceps will enable you to hold your edges and posture through any dance steps. Your leg extensions will be firmer and more sustainable. Your balance in turn depends on your legs along with proper body alignment (posture).

Muscle strength, flexibility, posture and balance enables the ice dancer gain greater poise.

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Why is elegance important in Ice Dance?

Leg extensions both forwards and backward offer beautiful body lines especially when preceded by deep knee bends to exert maximum force in both pushes and stroking. This combined with intricate foot work and the essential synchronicity of the Ice Dance couple can make for amazing ice dance.

Remember, the way you feel varies from day to day and is often expressed in your body positions and posture and in the dynamics of your movements.

Depending on how you feel, you may need to change your posture to skate. Ice Dance will involve your entire body and virtually every muscle – maybe even some muscles you didn’t know you had and would be happy to forget!

Enjoy Ice Dance


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