cutting edge


Ice Dance with Lynn Burton at Planet Ice-Solihull 12pm-2pm

warm-up, edge work and practice

Warm-up – four pushes down each length of the rink with good knee bends to retain power ready for pushing-out but I’m hesitant before each push which limits the potential energy in each push.

forward outside edges, torso open to the end of the rink. Important not to ‘cut the cheese’, ‘going the long way round’ stabilises the outside edge making the edge stronger, easier to hold and execute. Use each circle correctly the maximise control.

backward outside edges (swing dance) – facing into the circle for the push and hold the outside edge before turning out to square, prepare for the re-bend, drawing free leg next to skating leg ready for the next circle.

forward inside edges – Identify the top of the circle, keep free leg extended back after the push before drawing the leg up and towards skating leg at the top of the circle. Free leg continues the transitions through and extends forward. Knee re-bend before pushing ‘diagonally’ down the rink into the next circle.

forward runs – Turned hips and shoulders to the same degree. Facing the circle, right arm leading. Plane of body is turned to face the inside of the circle. Bringing sternum over a point to the in side of leading foot. Currently my frame is too weak to hold my body position, unable to brace enough to execute safely and strongly.

backward runs – powerful but increased strength is achieved once outside foot holds the power rather than releasing too early by leaving the foot slightly forward.


Amateur ice dancer and skiing enthusiast.

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