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SP-Teri ice dance boot

If you’re ready to maximise your ice dance performance, the Teri Dance boot is the partner you need. This semi-firm boot gives you the right amount of support, while the low-cut back enables perfect toe pointing.

SP-Teri is known among amateur and competitive skaters for the high quality and unbeatable fit of their boots. The hand-crafted, innovative design has been perfected to give skaters the comfort and control they need.

SP-Teri Dance is my choice of skating boot. The firmness of the boot structure allows maximum support whilst allowing enough flex to perform even deeper edges.

John Wilson Super Dance 99 Blades

Over the last 50 years, National, World and Olympic champions have skated to victory on John Wilson blades. They’ve appreciated the precision and attention-to-detail that goes into creating every single edge. The results of which have set John Wilson apart in strength, flexibility and resistance to corrosion.

From laser-cut steel to a meticulous six-stage tempering process, the careful combination of surface treatments and coatings to the master craftsmen who hand-finish each blade, every millimetre is perfected to ensure stability and excellence on the ice.

I have skated on both John Wilson Coronation Ace and Super Dance 99 blades. I favour the latter due to the rocker which, for me allows easier turning in the middle of the blade. This blade also seems to glide more easily on both hard and softer ice.


Amateur ice dancer and skiing enthusiast.

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